Current Schedule

 We are located at 3060 Hwy2 Suite #202 & 204. Fully accessible with large parking lot!

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Registration for the Kindermusik 2017-2018 School Year IS OPEN!!

Our classes fill FAST – ENROLL TODAY!

Classes meet once a week at scheduled time.

All Classes for the 2017-2018 School Year begin on or after Friday Sept 8th.

Families can join at ANY TIME throughout the year, provided there is space in the preferred class.

Fees listed are paid monthly on the first of each month. 1st payment is due upon registration

Kindermusik Babies – Cuddle & Bounce (newborns to 12 months)
45-minute weekly classes

Tues @ 11:00am
Tues @ 1:00pm
Thurs @ 11:00am
Fri @ 11:30am

Kindermusik Young Toddlers – Sing & Play (12 months to 24 months)
45-minute weekly classes

Mon @ 11:00am
Wed @ 9:30am
Thurs @ 5:15pm
Fri @ 10:30am
Sat @ 10:00am
Sat @ 9:15am

Kindermusik Toddlers – Wiggle & Grow (2 to 3 years) 
45-minute weekly classes

Mon @ 9:00am
Tues @ 9:00am
Wed @ 10:30am
Wed @ 6:00pm
Thurs @ 10:00am
Thurs @ 6:15pm
Fri @ 9:30am
Sat @ 9:00am
Sat @ 11:15am

Kindermusik Preschoolers – Laugh & Learn / Move & Groove
45-minute weekly classes (unparented for first 35 minutes)

Mon @ 10:00am
Tues @ 10:00am
Wed @ 11:30am
Wed @ 6:15pm
Thurs @ 9:00am
Sat @ 10:15am
Sat @ 11:00am

Please note that with all our Preschooler Curricula, we look at the age range of the children enrolled, as well as the developmental levels and we choose the best curricula for the group. It may be Laugh & Learn, or it may be Move & Groove. We adapt to your child’s needs

Kindermusik Young Child – Year One (5 to 7 years)
75-minute weekly classes (unparented for first 60 minutes)
Ideal for children in grade primary and grade 1 of school

Mon @ 1:00pm – Great for homeschooling families
Wed @ 3:00pm
Thurs @ 3:45pm
Thurs @ 6:00pm
Sat @ 12:15pm

Kindermusik Young Child – Year Two (5 to 7 years)
YC Year 1 pre-requisite or other equivalent music program.
Please connect with our office for proper placement if unsure
75-minute weekly classes (unparented for first 60 minutes)
Ideal for children in grade 1 and grade 2 of school

Tues @ 1:00pm – Great for homeschooling families
Tues @ 4:00pm
Tues @ 6:00pm

Want a class but can’t find one that fits? We’re happy to accommodate if possible!

Gather six friends and we’ll create a class for you, when studio space is available.