Miss Louise

Maestro Kindermusik Educator, Piano Instructor, Studio Owner

Louise is the Owner of Joyful Sounds Music Studio. Louise opened her very own Kindermusik Studio in the Fall of 2005, right in her home basement! Kindermusik with Louise offered classes at all levels for parents and children from all over to participate in a program that has become known as the world’s leader in musical and developmental learning for children.

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Miss Andrea

Kindermusik Educator for Maestro Studio, Concert Band Conductor

Andrea Schofield began her musical career as a very young ABBA lip-syncer in her parents’ living room in Lower Sackville. After years of singing in choirs, and playing clarinet and piano, she headed to Acadia University where she earned her Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education degrees in 1997. That same year, she moved to Ontario for her first teaching position and, over the course of five years, taught elementary school music and high school band, English, choir, history, Bible and drama.

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Miss Heather

Music Therapist, Kindermusik Educator, Piano Instructor, Ukulele Instructor

Miss Heather graduated from Acadia University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Music Therapy. Since then has had experience working as a Music Therapist and music teacher throughout Southern Ontario working with clients in geriatrics, mental health and clients living with developmental and psychiatric disabilities. She is a certified Music Therapist through the Canadian Association of Music Therapists.

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Mr Adam

Guitar Instructor

Adam is a university student who currently teaches guitar at Joyful Sounds. He has been playing guitar for many years, and plays in a couple of bands. His ability to play anything from ear is exceptional and his attitude with the students is fantastic. Adam is also a hockey goalie currently playing at the Junior B level.

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Miss Leanne

Fiddle Instructor, Piano Instructor, Piano Accompaniment for Fiddle Instructor

Miss Leanne was born to play the fiddle! Her bones are filled with the music of her Cape Breton ancestors and she does us all proud!

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Miss Linell

Piano Instructor, Voice Instructor, Choir Director, Kindermusik Educator for Maestro Studio

Linell is a musician, a teacher, a huge geek and a hair brush rock star. She sings and plays piano in her church worship band, sang in choirs ever since she can remember, plays cello sometimes and loves to laugh as much as possible. Music has been her soul food since she was born and her love for her husband, family and friends is her rock.

Linell finished her B.Mus (Piano and Music ed) in 2010 and recently completed her M.Mus specializing in musicology and music education – congrats Miss Linell! She is teaching piano, voice and Kindermusik at Joyful Sounds, as well as directing the Joyful Sounds Kids Chorale.

She has a funny accent, loves cooking and dislikes scary stuff

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Miss Ashley

Piano Instructor, Choir Accompanist

Miss Ashley comes to us from the Music & Business Program at NSCC. We are so fortunate to have her exceptional talent in our studio!

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Mr Michael

Office Manager, Percussion Instructor

Michael graduated from Acadia with a Bachelor of Arts in Music in 2013, and has been performing as a drummer in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia for the last ten years. He has taught drums privately and as an instructor, and loves to develop programs for his students! Michael is an avid movie-goer, and loves all things cinema.

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